• Innovative transport management solutions/
    • to get solutions for the employees getting to work,
    • the developement of innovative and supportive business environment conditions,
    • the developement of intelligent data-driven, rapid reaction system/ high quality transport services/ better informedness for the users.
  • Budget/
  • gross 3.259.220 EUR

  • (80% ERDF support)
  • Interval of the project/
  • 1 February, 2018 ― 31 January, 2021

Goal of the project

The SASMob project builds a data-driven and responsive IT-system through the partnership of public entities, private businesses and transport providers in Szeged to progress towards environmentally friendly urban mobility.

The project will encourage cross-sector cooperation between businesses and the City of Szeged to co-design and tailor sustainable commuting solutions for employees, the biggest car-dependent mobility group. It will be called the SASMob Pledge.

It will develop a data management process to analyse the complex urban mobility behaviour through data collected by smart phone applications which will be called the SASMob Response.
Three unique, innovative actions will be implemented during the project:
Set a first of its kind governance system in the EU to achieve private sector’s commitment for low environmental impact mobility, which we call the Employers Mobility Pledge of SASMob. It is a strong contractual scheme with measurable performance commitment from employers.

Assemble an overarching toolbox for behavioural change campaigns, by bringing excellent European practices under one umbrella.
Build a cutting-edge mobility tracking system to optimise transport planning, using a patent of Szeged Technical University.
SASMob aims to offer an integrated, intelligent and responsive solution to promote sustainable urban mobility.

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